We were looking for a long time a dog breed that would not give allergic symptoms and shed hair. We found Australian Labradoodles which melted our hearts right away. The fact that we got Toto seemed to us dictated by fate.

We could not have had a better and more lovely dog. I work in high school in a small class and Toto is with me there too. Toto loves its work above all and students love Toto too. Toto is always happy, yet a surprisingly calm puppy, very social and adaptable – a smart puppy! Sometimes it thrives like a couch potato but still always loves his walkies. We thank you every day that Toto is ours, bringing us so much joy and love. He was the missing piece of our family!

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that although the waiting time can be long (ours was 9 months), it is worth all the wait. During that time, I also had the time to get to know the breed and the future family member properly.

We give Paula and Stefan full marks. They do their best for the well-being of the dogs. They gave really comprehensive lectures and an introduction to the new family member. When you need help they provide it fast. thank you❤

Our family includes two adults, a 16 year old daughter and our dog Toto.