How much does an Australian Labradoodle puppy cost?

After the puppies are born, we take care of them until they are handed over to new homes. The price of an Australian Labradoodle includes, among other things, breeding according to the Puppy Culture and Bio Sensor methods, versatile character tests and examinations performed by a veterinarian and the necessary vaccinations. The puppy is accompanied by a comprehensive puppy package and the necessary instructions for the care of the puppy. We are your support and security throughout your dog’s life and we hope for a continuous relationship with the future owners of our dogs.

Puppy price

The price of a puppy from Sessan’s 4.000 € (incl. VAT 24%)

The price includes:

  • a family tree with at least three generations and the puppy registration in ALAEU database (ALD)
  • a health check by a vet including the first vaccination
  • instructions about diet, deworming and general dog care
  • our commitment to be a support to the buyer throughout the dog’s whole life
  • microchipping
  • puppy tests by a puppy test expert
  • Sterilization or castration. The ownership will only exchange when the dog is sterilized/castrated on our behalf by the age of 18 months at the latest (demand of the breeding organization)
  • the health tests of the parents available (you can find that in our Dog-page
  • a tutorial about “Puppy coming home”
  • a tutorial about “Grooming your dog”
  • a comprehensive puppy package