Australian Labradoodle
– an intelligent and social family dog

Australian Labradoodles charm with its teddy bear look. Always ready to play, compete and show affection to all human loved ones. This energetic breed is smart and a quick learner therefore ideal to practice various different sports with. This breed loves learning new tricks, going outdoors and even fast-paced playtime.

Australian Labradoodles want to be everyone’s friend and get along very well with children, while showing affection to all members of its pack. Due to its love for human beings, the dog should not be kept isolated from the rest of the family – the Australian Labradoodle is by no means suitable as an outdoor dog in a yard cage. Because of its energetic nature, it needs an active family that provides a lot of daily outside exercise.

Australian Labradoodles are smart and fast learners. Due to its energetic nature, it needs an active family that provides a lot of daily outside exercise.

Australian Labradoodle - Breed Standards

Australian Labradoodle comes in three sizes:

Mini: Weight 7–13 kg and Height at Withers 35–42 cm

Medium: Weight 13–20 kg and Height at Withers 43–52 cm

Standard: Weight 20-30 kg and Height at Withers 53-63 cm




There are three grades of coat for the Australian Labradoodle: Curly and Dense Wool, Curly Fleece and Wavy Fleece. The coat is single-layered with no undercoat. Australian Labradoodle does not shed its coat and must be trimmed 3-4 times a year.

Their coat also requires grooming at other times. Brushing your dog is very important to keep their coat beautiful and skin healthy as well as allergy friendly. Especially during the puppy stage, their coat gets tangled easily unless brushed regularly. The coat of an adult dog is a little rougher, which makes the grooming of the coat easier. Commonly accepted colors for the coat include coffee, chocolate, cream, black, white, silver and red. The coat can also be two-tone. Merle coloring is not accepted (marble coloring).

Australian Labradoodle does not shed hair, but its coat must be trimmed 3-4 times a year. The coat should be brushed regularly to prevent it from tangling and keeping the skin healthy.

The Australian Labradoodle is smart, friendly, gentle, open and social in its nature. It should be happy and confident when approaching people and not show signs of aggression or be timid. The dog is happy to serve and obey. The life expectancy of the Australian Labradoodle is between 12-15 years. The breed is particularly healthy but can have the same diseases as the base breeds.

The Goal for a Recognised Breed

The Australian Labradoodle was originally born out of the need to have a guide dog suitable for a family with allergies. The breed was introduced in the US in the 1990s and immediately became very popular there as well as in Australia. The Australian Labradoodle is not yet a breed approved by the International Federation of Dog Breeding ( FCI ). FCI approval requires a lot of traceable and alive breed representatives.

Organisations responsible for the development and breeding of the breed, closely monitor the work of breeders. The extensive health testing required by breed organisations for breeding dogs has helped the Australian Labradoodle develop into a very healthy breed in structure and characteristics. In the Finnish Kennel Club, dogs are registered as multi-breed.

Breeders in Finland and elsewhere in the world operate under strict regulations to maintain and develop the genuine Australian Labradoodle in accordance with the goal. The goal is a new, recognised allergy-friendly and good tempered dog breed.