Allergy-friendly dog breed – Australian Labradoodle is suitable for families with asthma and allergies

Being allergic to dogs won’t stop you from getting one. However, if you suffer from allergy symptoms, do research about the different breeds and proceed with the acquisition of a dog slowly, as the dog allergy is very individual. Many of those who experience allergy symptoms with dogs have found themselves a long-awaited friend in the Australian Labradoodle. It is an excellent dog breed for an allergist.

The Australian labradoodle was originally developed specifically as an allergy-friendly dog ​​breed. They flake a lot less than many other breeds, as well as do not have undercoat and therefore do not shed hair. Most of the Australian Labradoodles have been acquired specifically for allergy or asthma families in Finnish homes – their delightful nature and sweet appearance are a nice plus.

Allergy-friendly dog breed is also worth testing

Every allergist has a personal limit on how much allergens he or she can tolerate. Therefore, even with the Australian Labradoodle it cannot be said with absolute certainty how much and in what way the dog produces allergic symptoms for one. Some people might not have any symptoms at all, while others show mild symptoms.

It is recommended to visit Australian Labradoodles ahead of registering for the puppy queue. This way you can pet them and see how you react during the contact. Multiple exposures before getting a puppy is recommended. Puppies always allergen more than adult dogs therefore, the allergy should be primary tested with adult dogs.

What if the allergy symptoms do not go away?

Puppy urine contains a lot of allergens, which is why some people may get symptoms with them which have not previously occurred in the company of an adult dog. Once the puppy is house trained, the symptoms usually get better. Allergy medications, such as antihistamines, are a good support for you during the puppy’s first few weeks. A quality air purifier is also a worthwhile purchase. Additionally your dog should not be allowed in the bedroom/s of people with allergic symptoms.

Often people with allergies fairly quickly get tolerated with their own dog. If, despite all the measures, the dog constantly causes symptoms even after the puppy stage, the first thing to do is to contact the breeder. Together with the breeder can be determined if it would be the fairest for the dog and owner to look for a new loving home for the dog.

The maintenance of the Australian Labradoodle’s coat requires effort

Australian Labradoodle does not shed hair, but its coat must be trimmed 3-4 times a year. However, it is important that the dog’s coat is brushed regularly to keep it beautiful and allergy-friendly. Especially soft fleece fur gets tangled and even matted unless it is washed and brushed regularly.

The Australian Labradoodle is a curious and brave dog. They love muddy ditch bottoms and flower beds alongside needle-filled forest roads. Rain, slush and muddy weather bring additional care for a dog’s fur, where a short-shaved coat makes maintenance much easier.