Puppy to a new home – getting a dog from us

Are you ready to commit to a dog for the next 15 years? Are you up for the daily plays and outdoors activities with an energetic furry friend regardless of the weather? Do you have the enthusiasm to teach and train your dog to be an obedient and tidy pet? If getting a dog is a dream, you should be realistic about your own dreams. The dog is a demanding pet, but in return it gives its family a lot of joy, exercise and happy moments.

If the Australian Labradoodle feels like the breed for you, it is worth visiting the dogs at the regional events of the breed – find information on the Finnish Australian Labradoodle website and Facebook page. Due to its great popularity, the puppy queue is long and you may have to wait a long time for your own dog. However, waiting time has its advantages: you have time to think and prepare thoroughly for the arrival of the new family member.

Becoming a dog owner – how to get a puppy

  1. Get to know the breed at your area’s Australian Labradoodle events. The events will be announced on the association’s website.
  2. If you want to test your family’s allergy symptoms with the breed, it’s a good idea to do it with an adult dog at home. Unfortunately, we cannot come to our home to test for allergies, as we always have puppies that have more allergens compared to an adult dog. In this case, the result may not be reliable.
  3. Get to know our puppy-based breeding work and our dogs.
  4. Consider with your family if you are ready to commit to the care and raising needed by your dog (12-15 years).
  5. Email us and let us know why an Australian Labradoodle would be the right dog for you and what kind of individual would be best for you.
  6. We will connect with you and interview your family. We want to make sure that the dog has time in your family and a puppy coming to a new home is welcome. We will also map out your own wishes, what kind of family you are and what kind of dog would suit you. This will help us choose the right puppy for your family.
  7. When everything is in order, you get into the puppy queue. We will keep you informed of the progress of the queue.
  8. When the puppies are 4-6 weeks old, you and your family can get to know them at ours.
  9. We will announce the selection of the puppies in person. You will find out the results of your future family member’s character tests and our rationale for why the dog we chose would be best for you.
  10. Once the puppy selection is confirmed and the dog has reached the age of delivery, you will be able to pick up the new family member. We will provide a comprehensive puppy package with you and the necessary supplies for your dog’s first weeks. The puppy is ready for a new home!

Puppy adjusting to a new home

The puppy will be taught and socialised by us right from the birth. We use Puppy Culture and Bio Sensor methods in our breeding work. When the puppy moves to a new home, the responsibility for raising the dog passes to the owner. Without consistent and regular breeding work, a dog will not develop into a courageous and lovable adult by nature. Puppy training and obedience training can be found in almost every locality.

It can be difficult for a human-loving dog to be left alone for hours. The puppy must be gently accustomed to solitude, initially for short periods at a time. It is hoped that the puppy will be able to wait for its owner in peace, perhaps sleeping. For example, you can play with the puppy and jog in the morning to make him/her more tired when being alone. Other dogs benefit from activation toys and others from activities that take time instead of being bored.

The Australian Labradoodle is a fast learner and adjusting breed

The Australian Labradoodle is an intelligent and easy to learner. You can practice with it a wide range of agility. The dog also has a good sense of smell, so you can practice tracing and searching with it, for example. Suitable as an assistant and therapy dog, its gifts can be utilised in nursing homes or as a companion dog, for example. Australian Labradoodles love forest walks, swimming and running freely.

The dog needs to get used to brushing and grooming right from the time of being a puppy. It must learn to stand on the trimmer table and tolerate the buzzing of the trimmer and cutting of the coat. Coat maintenance can also be given into the hands of a professional. During the first training sessions, no measures need to be taken, but you can gradually get the dog used to the trimmer handling and the buzzing of the machine.