Hilla and Myrsky

We were not familiar with the breed. When we got to know the breed, we immediately liked its allergic-friendliness, nature and appearance. Now there are two Australian Labradoodles in our family.

Our dogs Hilla and Myrsky are happy, obedient and kind family dogs. The dogs are always with us on our free time and are happy to go along with all activities. Hilla has been taught to be a nose dog who finds mushrooms like in the forest. Myrsky is still a puppy, but due to its agility it would be well suited for the agility hobby. Both dogs love swimming and boating. We enjoy hiking and these dogs love as well the forest trips. We have the right dogs for our lifestyle! They have brought a lot of joy into our lives and more together time for the family.

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that it is worth getting to know the breed carefully and thinking about what qualities your own family wants in a dog. Patience is the key, once the dog comes to the family, all the wait will be rewarded 🙂

Greetings to the breeders: You do quality and good breeding work. It is also easy to contact you if there are questions about the dogs health or training. Thanks for these two furry family members! ❤

Br. Hilla & Myrsky’s family

Our family includes parents, children 11 and 15 years old, dogs Hilla 2.5 years- and Myrsky 8 months old.