The youngest son of our family had a severe dog fever for years, but due to the family’s father’s allergies, we hadn’t considered getting a dog as a family member – until summer 2017. During the fall we searched information about the breed and went to see a few Australian Labradoodles. The visits went well without allergy symptoms and we were also charmed by the nature of the breed.

Camu (Sessan’s Buffalo Soldier) arrived in our family during the spring of 2019, bringing with her a lot of joy and an unlimited amount of love. Camu is a social, curious, confident and patient mommy’s boy by nature who wants to be involved in everything. Camu loves long walks in the woods, swimming, playing with other dogs, petting and a variety of nose work. Camu has been everything we expected from a dog and more. It’s always wonderful to come home when you are faced with a smiling and tale wagging furry friend.

For those dreaming of a dog, we want to say that our own Australian Labradoodle was worth of the longer wait time.

We give a big thank you to the breeders for their great work with the dogs. We got a lot of valuable information from you for the puppy time and above all a dog suitable for our family, who has taken its own place both from our sofa and our hearts.

Our family includes a mother, a father, two school-age sons and Camu.