We had always thought that we couldn’t get a dog because of our allergies. We got to hear about the Australian Labradoodles through our friends and visited many Australian Labradoodles before entering to the puppy queue. By finally doing it we received our own Australian Labradoodle – Koda.

Koda (Sessans’s Fides) is a brisk and curious furry friend who is not afraid of anything and is everyone’s friend. We are an active family, so Koda fits our family perfectly. Koda is eager to go everywhere and especially likes to travel by car. Koda loves new smells and doing things together. We have already taken a couple of puppy courses and an agility basic skills course. Now we are currently taking a puppy Rally Toko course. Koda quickly learns everything new and is always ready for new adventures.

Koda has brought joy into our lives, as well as fun moments and the ability for our children to take responsibility for the furry family member.

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that patience is key. Don’t get a dog on a whim. Make sure that the family has enough time for the furry friend. ALDs require a lot of intellectual activities and doing things together.

Greetings to the breeders: A warm thank you to Paula and Stefan for this lovely furry friend! We are so happy that we have Koda.

Our family includes mother, father, girls 12 years and 14 years as well as Koda 8 months.