We were looking for a dog breed suitable for an allergy and asthma family and when we found the Australian Labradoodle, it was the perfect match! Elmo is everything we could have hoped for: kind, loving, obedient, docile and, like us, very athletic.

Elmo has brought joy, energy and a lot of new acquaintances to our lives.

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that good things are worth waiting for! We waited for Elmo for about six months. Time seemed long then, but in hindsight it was the right choice. We had time to get to know the breed carefully and get everything the puppy needed. We were really ready for Elmo’s arrival when we finally got to pick up this little golden crumb to us.

Paula and Stefan are the best possible breeders and do an incredibly good job. We have always received help and advice from them when we need them. We have Elmo as an investment dog, so cooperation with the breeders is really important. We immediately found a common path with Paula and Stefan that has been uncomplicated and open. Big thanks!

Our family includes parents, four children living on their own, and the Australian Labradoodle Elmo.

We wanted our family to have a dog with as few allergens as possible, because of the father’s dog allergy. The nature, allergy friendliness and appearance of the Australian Labradoodle pleased us as we searched for information on different dog breeds. After the test petting the dog , we were sure that the Australian Labradoodle is the right dog for our family.

Our dog Aava is energetic, clever and happy. Aava still has a lot of puppy energy and sometimes she resembles a kangaroo more than a dog. Aava has her own will and from time to time we have to negotiate the rules in a strict tone. In general, Aava is affectionate and brings joy and laughter through her actions. Aava is particularly interested in playing with ball and frisbee. Even after hearing the word frisbee, jumps of joy begin and she knows exactly what is to come. Aava is also really docile and after a few practice sessions, doing tricks is great as long as the right kind of treats given as encouragement.

Aava likes to be involved in everything, whether it’s cooking or gardening. On the other hand, now during the Corona, he has been able to give the family’s remote workers peace of mind by resting and gathering energy for the evening’s hustle and bustle. Aava loves being in the car. She is so excited that we still are practicing peaceful transitions to the car every day.

A particularly positive aspect of this breed is that there is little to no shedding of the coat, keeping the home tidy. Sometimes it feels like can this dog even bark?, because she’s such a quiet dog. Naturally depending on the situation, she can make loud noises either by “squeaking” differently and by “squealing” when demanding for treats.

Aava has fully met our expectations!

Aava has brought a lot of joy, affection and love into our lives, as well as responsibility and caring for our furry family member. Aava’s arrival at our home has inspired me to get acquainted with dog care and to study e.g. trimming.

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that it is worth thinking carefully about whether you have enough time for the dog and its full-time care. In return, the dog gives life a lot of content. Ask other ALD owners who may live in your area about the possibility of getting to know the dog / breed. It is worth visiting the breeder and utilising their expertise and experience. Personally, we found it useful to go on familiarisation and training visits, even though it meant more than a thousand miles to the car’s meter with each visit.

Greetings to the breeder: We got from you a great family member and a good know-how for the daily dog life. You provided expert information about the breed before getting the dog, so it felt safe to get the dog from you. In addition, we also received help after the Aava’s arrival to our home. Thank you!

Our family includes mother, father, 12- and 14-year-old daughters and Aava (approx. 1.5 years).

The Australian Labradoodle is suitable as a first dog, as well as for a family with children. The wonderful nature of the breed along with allergy friendliness influenced our decision to choose the Australian Labradoodle for our family.

Elmo (Sessan’s Hilivinksis) is curious, brave, active and social in nature towards people and other dogs. Elmo wants to be involved in all family activities. Being with Elmo has met our expectations, even exceeded them.

Elmo has brought a lot of joy into our lives, new friends and furry friends, a lot of outdoor activities, the Nose Work hobby and much more.

For anyone dreaming of a dog, we would like to tell you that living with a dog will give a lot of joy to your life. However, one must be aware that the dog needs a lot of exercise and activities, coat care and overall care. If you are ready for the care and to take care of your dog’s needs for the rest of its life, you are guaranteed to have wonderful dog years ahead of you.

We would like to send warm thanks to the breeder! Overall our Elmo is a great package. We have not got any allergy symptoms of him. We are so lucky to have found you and Elmo! We wouldn’t change moments with Elmo for anything.

Our family includes mother, father, teenage boys and our five-year-old dog Elmo.

The youngest son of our family had a severe dog fever for years, but due to the family’s father’s allergies, we hadn’t considered getting a dog as a family member – until summer 2017. During the fall we searched information about the breed and went to see a few Australian Labradoodles. The visits went well without allergy symptoms and we were also charmed by the nature of the breed.

Camu (Sessan’s Buffalo Soldier) arrived in our family during the spring of 2019, bringing with her a lot of joy and an unlimited amount of love. Camu is a social, curious, confident and patient mommy’s boy by nature who wants to be involved in everything. Camu loves long walks in the woods, swimming, playing with other dogs, petting and a variety of nose work. Camu has been everything we expected from a dog and more. It’s always wonderful to come home when you are faced with a smiling and tale wagging furry friend.

For those dreaming of a dog, we want to say that our own Australian Labradoodle was worth of the longer wait time.

We give a big thank you to the breeders for their great work with the dogs. We got a lot of valuable information from you for the puppy time and above all a dog suitable for our family, who has taken its own place both from our sofa and our hearts.

Our family includes a mother, a father, two school-age sons and Camu.

In February, a new family member arrived to of Mervi and Vesa’s family. Wheaten Terrier Ponzo’s friend became Australian Labradoodle puppy Nelle. The Starck family were used to two dogs, so Nelle immediately found her place in the family.

“Nelle has a captivating personality. Happy, lively and above all gentle, ”says Mervi.

Australian Labradoodles are active dogs, which is great for Starck’s. Mervi is planning a therapy dog of Nelle and Vesa would like a orienteering buddy for her again. According to Starcks, a dog that gets along well with people does not limit life, but widens it.

“It’s wonderful to be able to take your dog with you to restaurants and cafes without a worry. International travel can be more difficult. If you do it, you should consider getting a dog, ”Mervi and Vesa reflect.

In addition to humans, Nelle also gets along well with other dogs. The family’s old dog Ponzokin still manages to play with the puppy, although the terriers can be annoyed at times.

Starck’s dream is to get another Australian Labradoodle in the next few years. Mervi is especially fond of Nelle’s cream-colored fleece-type coat and would like a similar one of the future puppy.

“All furry friends are fine, because the most important thing is their nature,” Mervi laughs.

Our family includes a mother, a father, two daughters, dogs Ponzo and Nelle.

We had always thought that we couldn’t get a dog because of our allergies. We got to hear about the Australian Labradoodles through our friends and visited many Australian Labradoodles before entering to the puppy queue. By finally doing it we received our own Australian Labradoodle – Koda.

Koda (Sessans’s Fides) is a brisk and curious furry friend who is not afraid of anything and is everyone’s friend. We are an active family, so Koda fits our family perfectly. Koda is eager to go everywhere and especially likes to travel by car. Koda loves new smells and doing things together. We have already taken a couple of puppy courses and an agility basic skills course. Now we are currently taking a puppy Rally Toko course. Koda quickly learns everything new and is always ready for new adventures.

Koda has brought joy into our lives, as well as fun moments and the ability for our children to take responsibility for the furry family member.

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that patience is key. Don’t get a dog on a whim. Make sure that the family has enough time for the furry friend. ALDs require a lot of intellectual activities and doing things together.

Greetings to the breeders: A warm thank you to Paula and Stefan for this lovely furry friend! We are so happy that we have Koda.

Our family includes mother, father, girls 12 years and 14 years as well as Koda 8 months.

We were looking for a long time a dog breed that would not give allergic symptoms and shed hair. We found Australian Labradoodles which melted our hearts right away. The fact that we got Toto seemed to us dictated by fate.

We could not have had a better and more lovely dog. I work in high school in a small class and Toto is with me there too. Toto loves its work above all and students love Toto too. Toto is always happy, yet a surprisingly calm puppy, very social and adaptable – a smart puppy! Sometimes it thrives like a couch potato but still always loves his walkies. We thank you every day that Toto is ours, bringing us so much joy and love. He was the missing piece of our family!

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that although the waiting time can be long (ours was 9 months), it is worth all the wait. During that time, I also had the time to get to know the breed and the future family member properly.

We give Paula and Stefan full marks. They do their best for the well-being of the dogs. They gave really comprehensive lectures and an introduction to the new family member. When you need help they provide it fast. thank you❤

Our family includes two adults, a 16 year old daughter and our dog Toto.

We had a big dream to get a dog, even though half of our family members are dog allergic. We had researched all the non-allergenic options all the way from aquariums, but none of them seemed right for us. Eventually, we came across an online story about Paula, Stefan and their dogs. Their story sounded amazing and it gave us hope. In addition, the Australian Ladradoodle seemed quite perfect as a breed for us.

Our dog Rocky is very temperate, loving and people lover. Rocky easily learns new things and people are its greatest love. Companions of the breed are not so much of an interest for him except for a few best doggy friends. Rocky is much more than we dared to expect. My own previous experience with dogs is related to a mixed breed dog in my childhood home, burdened with drives for both hunting and guarding. Rocky doesn’t have that, but it’s the perfect family dog and guy.

Rocky has brought tremendous joy into our lives, as well as new acquaintances through the dog circles. Rocky takes care of the mother of the family, keeps track of the father on remote working days and takes on the teen’s need for cuddles. We feel that our family needed exactly this dog, Rocky.

The Australian Labradoodle is an incomparably good choice as a family and companion dog. An instructive and intelligent dog has the capacity for anything, so it’s completely up to you what kind of furry friend you want to raise. Australian Labradoodle is a good alternative for people with dog allergies. With the exception of the mild symptoms of the puppy period, our family has lived with Rocky without allergy symptoms for over four years.

We are grateful to the breeders for bringing a healthy, good-natured and happy dog to our family.

Our family includes two adults and two teenage children as well as our dog Rocky.

By nature the Australian labradoodle is a quick learner, happy and social, which dictated my breed choice. The dog’s appearance was also charming. I don’t have allergies myself, but the allergy friendliness of the breed hasn’t been an disadvantage at all, as dog-allergic friends can come by quite safely!

Pirkko (Sessan’s Cucci) is a bit timid and cautious, but still very social. We have accumulated a lot of both dog and human friends in the neighbourhood and while on walkies. It has been gratifying to see how nicely and always in a way that suits the situation, Pirkko encounters, for example, a dog who is a little surly or timid puppy. Any tensions between the dogs will disappear quickly! This trait surprised positively, otherwise the breed has fully met my expectations.

In addition to joy and happiness, Pirkko has brought a lot of new things into my life. Obedience training is very much in the backbone with training the basics with Pirkko, but always with joy! After all, a soft-haired furry friend like she is absolutely wonderful to have on the couch to pet.

There are nearly no limits for this breed. They work great in various activities, but is also suitable as a companion dog. Stimulus is of course needed as with any other breeds. There is no need to worry about the maintenance of the coat! Sometimes we use a trimmer and on other times scissors.

The breeder, I have been completely satisfied with. I warmly wish them endurance with this great breed!

Our family includes Pirkko the dog and her human mommy.

The main culprit of Elmo joining our family is our son’s wife Remu dog which is an Australian Labradoodle. Remu warmed our hearts by visiting our home occasionally and set us on a dog fever.

We joined Sessans ALD’s Facebook group and soon we were entering for the puppy queue. Elmo is a bit shy, sometimes timid, but a good guy with both people and dogs. Elmo loves swimming and being in the sauna. Plush toys, cucumber and berries are his favourites. Sometimes we think Elmo forgets that he is a dog. Admittedly, the same goes for us, especially when he watches with us on TV his favourite nature show.

Elmo participates in all our daily activities, such as cleaning at the summer cottage. Elmo is a full member of the family. His wordless understanding, presence, and comforting nature are invaluable to us. Elmo’s undisguised joy for life and at times playful rioting brings joy to our daily lives.

If you dream of a dog, it is worth considering a dog that suits your own lifestyle and also that the dog always requires a human close to them.

Warm thanks to Paula and Stefu for their heartfelt work in dog breeding. Their choice of a dog suitable for our family hit the right button completely. We got to know and see the dogs in their daily lives with them at home. In addition, we were given the necessary advice for raising a dog, which has made Elmo an amazing dog.

Our family includes a mother, a father, an adult daughter and two children who have moved out of the home with their partners – as well as Elmo.