The main culprit of Elmo joining our family is our son’s wife Remu dog which is an Australian Labradoodle. Remu warmed our hearts by visiting our home occasionally and set us on a dog fever.

We joined Sessans ALD’s Facebook group and soon we were entering for the puppy queue. Elmo is a bit shy, sometimes timid, but a good guy with both people and dogs. Elmo loves swimming and being in the sauna. Plush toys, cucumber and berries are his favourites. Sometimes we think Elmo forgets that he is a dog. Admittedly, the same goes for us, especially when he watches with us on TV his favourite nature show.

Elmo participates in all our daily activities, such as cleaning at the summer cottage. Elmo is a full member of the family. His wordless understanding, presence, and comforting nature are invaluable to us. Elmo’s undisguised joy for life and at times playful rioting brings joy to our daily lives.

If you dream of a dog, it is worth considering a dog that suits your own lifestyle and also that the dog always requires a human close to them.

Warm thanks to Paula and Stefu for their heartfelt work in dog breeding. Their choice of a dog suitable for our family hit the right button completely. We got to know and see the dogs in their daily lives with them at home. In addition, we were given the necessary advice for raising a dog, which has made Elmo an amazing dog.

Our family includes a mother, a father, an adult daughter and two children who have moved out of the home with their partners – as well as Elmo.

Due to a long-lasted dog allergy, the dream of an own dog had previously seemed impossible. However, this breed did not cause me any symptoms and so we got an Australian Labradoodle!

A guru is a clever puppy, a wonderful prankster with captivating personality. He thinks the best place in the world is the human’s lap. In the outdoors he likes to lay on the grass and look at the birds. Guru maintains his fitness by jogging in the forests and fields. Interval exercises include spurts – actual rounds of glory for no greater reason.

Guru has brought a lot of love into our lives, just by his existence. Guru is a guru because he teaches living in the moment, the skill of being present and tolerating/accepting different emotions. Guru is the best teacher in the world.

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that getting a dog requires careful consideration. Commitment to love, boundaries and splashes is important – and so rewarding.

We are really lucky when we found our way to Paula and Stefan’s Sessans ALD and ended up getting our dog from them. Everything has went as well as is possible. We have gained a lot of knowledge and skills. The mind has been calm when we know that we will get support and answers from them if needed. In addition, the opening of the litter discussion group has been peer support at its best.

Guru’s family includes mother and father. The extended family includes four children and five grandchildren, as well as three furry friends.

We got an Australian Labradoodle after a long time of daydreaming. My partner is an asthmatic and allergic to dogs. From an early age we have both wanted a dog for our own family and with this breed our dreams came true. The nature of the breed and its suitability for the allergy family served as the basis for our decision. We fell in love from the first encounter with the Australian Labradoodle and after that no other breed came into the question.

Our dog Milo (Sessan’s Frank) met all our expectations and wishes. We have a smart, friendly, gentle, open, cheerful, instructive and social dog living in our home. Milo is often described as a little bear boy with a cow’s nerves. He is happy with every new person he meets as well as dog. Milo welcomes everyone with his handsome speech, which is his hallmark!

Milo has brought activities, outdoor activities and new hobbies together to our daily lives and to our family. No way has Milo limited our lives, but we have been able to experience new adventures with him. Milo adapts any place and always enjoys new landscapes and encounters. Milo has also brought a lot of wonderful new encounters and friendships with other Australian Labradoodle owners to our lives. We feel we belong to a large ALD family.

For those who dream of a dog, we would like to say that it is worth getting to know the breed and the breeders with time. It was important for us to find an educator who had an equal view of the principles of education. It is worth taking advantage of the queuing time by getting to know the breed, preparing for the everyday changes that the puppy’s arrival causes, and creating common rules of the game for the family even before the puppy arrives home.

Many families are happy to let those interested in the breed get to know their own Australian Labradoodle and share their experiences. Each of the dogs is their own individual and after meeting several dog personalities you can make sure that the breed is right for you. Allergy families should definitely test to see if they are experiencing allergy symptoms with adult ALDs. Dreams can come true!

We would like to send the biggest thanks to the breeders. Milo changed our quality of life to so much better and all the work you do with the puppies before handing over is absolutely wonderful and admirable. The puppy arrives ready for new adventures with an open mind and full of love. The puppy leaves safely and confidently to the new family. Your work cannot be other than admired. You are honest as well as professional. You talk about things by their real names, and you always think first of the best of dogs and puppies. You are full of gold!

Our family includes two adults and Milo 3yrs.

The family’s father’s allergies and the mother’s intensifying dog fever seemed like an impossible equation. When we often saw the breeder living in the same block and got to know the characteristics of the breed, the idea of our own Australian Labradoodle started to get stronger.

We had heard in general good about the nature of this dog, but we were still positively surprised. Iggy is calm and active at the same time. In addition, a very human-friendly, kind, wise, and fast-learner with captivating persona!

Iggy has brought a lot of joy and speed to our lives. For the girls, she brings responsibility and doing things together for the whole family. It has also brought us closer. At times, Iggy also delights Emmi’s workplace’s special children.

For the one dreaming of an dog, we want to say that the dog needs enough meaningful things to do so that it can dissipate its energy in a good way. You can do anything with this breed! These also love to play with other dogs. In many cities, you can find popular dog dates for the breed. The waiting time for your puppy may seem long, but it prepares you well for the beginning of the dog’s daily life.

We have received advice from the breeders quickly. Following closely the daily life of the breeder, we can say that they really do their work from the heart, thoroughly, constantly developing their work and striving for better. This is also visible in the puppies!

Our family includes a mother, a father, two children and Iggy 1.5 years old.

We ended up getting an Australian Labradoodle because it seemed perfect for an allergy sufferer. After one puppy it was necessary to get her her a puppy friend and then again to the new puppy. Therefore we now have the spice girls; Kaneli 3.5v, Manteli 2.5v and Misteli 1.5v.

Our dogs are very social by nature. They know how to read our moods and live with the joys and sorrows. The need to please is strong and therefore learning new things is effortless.

The spice girls have brought speed and new hobbies to our lives. They are very active and can tell when they are bored. The rally toko brings weekly workouts and requires concentration from the dogs and the owners. Because for all three, using their nose is natural and fun, we learned to look for chanterelles and truffles. Autumn mushroom trips are what the dogs think is the best they know!

For those who dream of a dog, we would like to say that it is worth taking advantage of the longer waiting time for a puppy by explaining to yourself what you want to do with the dog. The Australian Labradoodle is an active dog that really brings a lot of joy and rewards princely when it comes to new places and adventures.

Sessan’s world of values, dedication and way of bringing puppies to their new owners is admirable. Puppies get a great foundation for their lives and the owners have a sheer dose of knowledge and confidence in themselves as a dog owner.

Our family circle includes, my husband and I and our six adult children with their spouses and a total of 13 grandchildren.