We wanted our family to have a dog with as few allergens as possible, because of the father’s dog allergy. The nature, allergy friendliness and appearance of the Australian Labradoodle pleased us as we searched for information on different dog breeds. After the test petting the dog , we were sure that the Australian Labradoodle is the right dog for our family.

Our dog Aava is energetic, clever and happy. Aava still has a lot of puppy energy and sometimes she resembles a kangaroo more than a dog. Aava has her own will and from time to time we have to negotiate the rules in a strict tone. In general, Aava is affectionate and brings joy and laughter through her actions. Aava is particularly interested in playing with ball and frisbee. Even after hearing the word frisbee, jumps of joy begin and she knows exactly what is to come. Aava is also really docile and after a few practice sessions, doing tricks is great as long as the right kind of treats given as encouragement.

Aava likes to be involved in everything, whether it’s cooking or gardening. On the other hand, now during the Corona, he has been able to give the family’s remote workers peace of mind by resting and gathering energy for the evening’s hustle and bustle. Aava loves being in the car. She is so excited that we still are practicing peaceful transitions to the car every day.

A particularly positive aspect of this breed is that there is little to no shedding of the coat, keeping the home tidy. Sometimes it feels like can this dog even bark?, because she’s such a quiet dog. Naturally depending on the situation, she can make loud noises either by “squeaking” differently and by “squealing” when demanding for treats.

Aava has fully met our expectations!

Aava has brought a lot of joy, affection and love into our lives, as well as responsibility and caring for our furry family member. Aava’s arrival at our home has inspired me to get acquainted with dog care and to study e.g. trimming.

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that it is worth thinking carefully about whether you have enough time for the dog and its full-time care. In return, the dog gives life a lot of content. Ask other ALD owners who may live in your area about the possibility of getting to know the dog / breed. It is worth visiting the breeder and utilising their expertise and experience. Personally, we found it useful to go on familiarisation and training visits, even though it meant more than a thousand miles to the car’s meter with each visit.

Greetings to the breeder: We got from you a great family member and a good know-how for the daily dog life. You provided expert information about the breed before getting the dog, so it felt safe to get the dog from you. In addition, we also received help after the Aava’s arrival to our home. Thank you!

Our family includes mother, father, 12- and 14-year-old daughters and Aava (approx. 1.5 years).