The Australian Labradoodle is suitable as a first dog, as well as for a family with children. The wonderful nature of the breed along with allergy friendliness influenced our decision to choose the Australian Labradoodle for our family.

Elmo (Sessan’s Hilivinksis) is curious, brave, active and social in nature towards people and other dogs. Elmo wants to be involved in all family activities. Being with Elmo has met our expectations, even exceeded them.

Elmo has brought a lot of joy into our lives, new friends and furry friends, a lot of outdoor activities, the Nose Work hobby and much more.

For anyone dreaming of a dog, we would like to tell you that living with a dog will give a lot of joy to your life. However, one must be aware that the dog needs a lot of exercise and activities, coat care and overall care. If you are ready for the care and to take care of your dog’s needs for the rest of its life, you are guaranteed to have wonderful dog years ahead of you.

We would like to send warm thanks to the breeder! Overall our Elmo is a great package. We have not got any allergy symptoms of him. We are so lucky to have found you and Elmo! We wouldn’t change moments with Elmo for anything.

Our family includes mother, father, teenage boys and our five-year-old dog Elmo.