In February, a new family member arrived to of Mervi and Vesa’s family. Wheaten Terrier Ponzo’s friend became Australian Labradoodle puppy Nelle. The Starck family were used to two dogs, so Nelle immediately found her place in the family.

“Nelle has a captivating personality. Happy, lively and above all gentle, ”says Mervi.

Australian Labradoodles are active dogs, which is great for Starck’s. Mervi is planning a therapy dog of Nelle and Vesa would like a orienteering buddy for her again. According to Starcks, a dog that gets along well with people does not limit life, but widens it.

“It’s wonderful to be able to take your dog with you to restaurants and cafes without a worry. International travel can be more difficult. If you do it, you should consider getting a dog, ”Mervi and Vesa reflect.

In addition to humans, Nelle also gets along well with other dogs. The family’s old dog Ponzokin still manages to play with the puppy, although the terriers can be annoyed at times.

Starck’s dream is to get another Australian Labradoodle in the next few years. Mervi is especially fond of Nelle’s cream-colored fleece-type coat and would like a similar one of the future puppy.

“All furry friends are fine, because the most important thing is their nature,” Mervi laughs.

Our family includes a mother, a father, two daughters, dogs Ponzo and Nelle.