By nature the Australian labradoodle is a quick learner, happy and social, which dictated my breed choice. The dog’s appearance was also charming. I don’t have allergies myself, but the allergy friendliness of the breed hasn’t been an disadvantage at all, as dog-allergic friends can come by quite safely!

Pirkko (Sessan’s Cucci) is a bit timid and cautious, but still very social. We have accumulated a lot of both dog and human friends in the neighbourhood and while on walkies. It has been gratifying to see how nicely and always in a way that suits the situation, Pirkko encounters, for example, a dog who is a little surly or timid puppy. Any tensions between the dogs will disappear quickly! This trait surprised positively, otherwise the breed has fully met my expectations.

In addition to joy and happiness, Pirkko has brought a lot of new things into my life. Obedience training is very much in the backbone with training the basics with Pirkko, but always with joy! After all, a soft-haired furry friend like she is absolutely wonderful to have on the couch to pet.

There are nearly no limits for this breed. They work great in various activities, but is also suitable as a companion dog. Stimulus is of course needed as with any other breeds. There is no need to worry about the maintenance of the coat! Sometimes we use a trimmer and on other times scissors.

The breeder, I have been completely satisfied with. I warmly wish them endurance with this great breed!

Our family includes Pirkko the dog and her human mommy.