Due to a long-lasted dog allergy, the dream of an own dog had previously seemed impossible. However, this breed did not cause me any symptoms and so we got an Australian Labradoodle!

A guru is a clever puppy, a wonderful prankster with captivating personality. He thinks the best place in the world is the human’s lap. In the outdoors he likes to lay on the grass and look at the birds. Guru maintains his fitness by jogging in the forests and fields. Interval exercises include spurts – actual rounds of glory for no greater reason.

Guru has brought a lot of love into our lives, just by his existence. Guru is a guru because he teaches living in the moment, the skill of being present and tolerating/accepting different emotions. Guru is the best teacher in the world.

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that getting a dog requires careful consideration. Commitment to love, boundaries and splashes is important – and so rewarding.

We are really lucky when we found our way to Paula and Stefan’s Sessans ALD and ended up getting our dog from them. Everything has went as well as is possible. We have gained a lot of knowledge and skills. The mind has been calm when we know that we will get support and answers from them if needed. In addition, the opening of the litter discussion group has been peer support at its best.

Guru’s family includes mother and father. The extended family includes four children and five grandchildren, as well as three furry friends.