We were looking for a dog breed suitable for an allergy and asthma family and when we found the Australian Labradoodle, it was the perfect match! Elmo is everything we could have hoped for: kind, loving, obedient, docile and, like us, very athletic.

Elmo has brought joy, energy and a lot of new acquaintances to our lives.

For those who dream of a dog, we want to say that good things are worth waiting for! We waited for Elmo for about six months. Time seemed long then, but in hindsight it was the right choice. We had time to get to know the breed carefully and get everything the puppy needed. We were really ready for Elmo’s arrival when we finally got to pick up this little golden crumb to us.

Paula and Stefan are the best possible breeders and do an incredibly good job. We have always received help and advice from them when we need them. We have Elmo as an investment dog, so cooperation with the breeders is really important. We immediately found a common path with Paula and Stefan that has been uncomplicated and open. Big thanks!

Our family includes parents, four children living on their own, and the Australian Labradoodle Elmo.