The family’s father’s allergies and the mother’s intensifying dog fever seemed like an impossible equation. When we often saw the breeder living in the same block and got to know the characteristics of the breed, the idea of our own Australian Labradoodle started to get stronger.

We had heard in general good about the nature of this dog, but we were still positively surprised. Iggy is calm and active at the same time. In addition, a very human-friendly, kind, wise, and fast-learner with captivating persona!

Iggy has brought a lot of joy and speed to our lives. For the girls, she brings responsibility and doing things together for the whole family. It has also brought us closer. At times, Iggy also delights Emmi’s workplace’s special children.

For the one dreaming of an dog, we want to say that the dog needs enough meaningful things to do so that it can dissipate its energy in a good way. You can do anything with this breed! These also love to play with other dogs. In many cities, you can find popular dog dates for the breed. The waiting time for your puppy may seem long, but it prepares you well for the beginning of the dog’s daily life.

We have received advice from the breeders quickly. Following closely the daily life of the breeder, we can say that they really do their work from the heart, thoroughly, constantly developing their work and striving for better. This is also visible in the puppies!

Our family includes a mother, a father, two children and Iggy 1.5 years old.