We had a big dream to get a dog, even though half of our family members are dog allergic. We had researched all the non-allergenic options all the way from aquariums, but none of them seemed right for us. Eventually, we came across an online story about Paula, Stefan and their dogs. Their story sounded amazing and it gave us hope. In addition, the Australian Ladradoodle seemed quite perfect as a breed for us.

Our dog Rocky is very temperate, loving and people lover. Rocky easily learns new things and people are its greatest love. Companions of the breed are not so much of an interest for him except for a few best doggy friends. Rocky is much more than we dared to expect. My own previous experience with dogs is related to a mixed breed dog in my childhood home, burdened with drives for both hunting and guarding. Rocky doesn’t have that, but it’s the perfect family dog and guy.

Rocky has brought tremendous joy into our lives, as well as new acquaintances through the dog circles. Rocky takes care of the mother of the family, keeps track of the father on remote working days and takes on the teen’s need for cuddles. We feel that our family needed exactly this dog, Rocky.

The Australian Labradoodle is an incomparably good choice as a family and companion dog. An instructive and intelligent dog has the capacity for anything, so it’s completely up to you what kind of furry friend you want to raise. Australian Labradoodle is a good alternative for people with dog allergies. With the exception of the mild symptoms of the puppy period, our family has lived with Rocky without allergy symptoms for over four years.

We are grateful to the breeders for bringing a healthy, good-natured and happy dog to our family.

Our family includes two adults and two teenage children as well as our dog Rocky.