The main culprit of Elmo joining our family is our son’s wife Remu dog which is an Australian Labradoodle. Remu warmed our hearts by visiting our home occasionally and set us on a dog fever.

We joined Sessans ALD’s Facebook group and soon we were entering for the puppy queue. Elmo is a bit shy, sometimes timid, but a good guy with both people and dogs. Elmo loves swimming and being in the sauna. Plush toys, cucumber and berries are his favourites. Sometimes we think Elmo forgets that he is a dog. Admittedly, the same goes for us, especially when he watches with us on TV his favourite nature show.

Elmo participates in all our daily activities, such as cleaning at the summer cottage. Elmo is a full member of the family. His wordless understanding, presence, and comforting nature are invaluable to us. Elmo’s undisguised joy for life and at times playful rioting brings joy to our daily lives.

If you dream of a dog, it is worth considering a dog that suits your own lifestyle and also that the dog always requires a human close to them.

Warm thanks to Paula and Stefu for their heartfelt work in dog breeding. Their choice of a dog suitable for our family hit the right button completely. We got to know and see the dogs in their daily lives with them at home. In addition, we were given the necessary advice for raising a dog, which has made Elmo an amazing dog.

Our family includes a mother, a father, an adult daughter and two children who have moved out of the home with their partners – as well as Elmo.