Kaneli, Manteli ja Misteli

We ended up getting an Australian Labradoodle because it seemed perfect for an allergy sufferer. After one puppy it was necessary to get her her a puppy friend and then again to the new puppy. Therefore we now have the spice girls; Kaneli 3.5v, Manteli 2.5v and Misteli 1.5v.

Our dogs are very social by nature. They know how to read our moods and live with the joys and sorrows. The need to please is strong and therefore learning new things is effortless.

The spice girls have brought speed and new hobbies to our lives. They are very active and can tell when they are bored. The rally toko brings weekly workouts and requires concentration from the dogs and the owners. Because for all three, using their nose is natural and fun, we learned to look for chanterelles and truffles. Autumn mushroom trips are what the dogs think is the best they know!

For those who dream of a dog, we would like to say that it is worth taking advantage of the longer waiting time for a puppy by explaining to yourself what you want to do with the dog. The Australian Labradoodle is an active dog that really brings a lot of joy and rewards princely when it comes to new places and adventures.

Sessan’s world of values, dedication and way of bringing puppies to their new owners is admirable. Puppies get a great foundation for their lives and the owners have a sheer dose of knowledge and confidence in themselves as a dog owner.

Our family circle includes, my husband and I and our six adult children with their spouses and a total of 13 grandchildren.