Is getting a dog on your mind? The care your dog receives in the first few weeks is crucial

The puppy’s first week of life is crucial to how the dog will later react to the world around him. The very first weeks the puppy spends mainly sleeping and drinking his mother’s milk. In this case, the main focus of the breeders is on ensuring the mother’s well-being, so that the mother has an stress-free environment and the strength to take care of her puppies as well as possible.

In week 3 a significant phase in a puppy’s life begins. The puppy’s early stigma phase is between 3-7 weeks. During this time, the dog breeder has the opportunity to greatly influence how the dog will react to those around him to the world. Therefore, when considering getting a dog, it is very important to get to know the principles of the breeder well and the quality of the breeding work. How are the puppies socialised? Do the puppies live in a homely space or in a separate building? How are the puppies taught to deal with loud noises, children, other animals, bikes, cars etc?

Raising dogs as part of a family and as family members

– All our breeding dogs live as family members either with us at home or with investment families. This is how dogs get a lot of attention, love and stimulating things to do. It is of paramount importance to us that dogs are allowed to live their crucial childhood in a homely environment.

– Our dogs participate in our daily lives. They are with us both at work and on holidays. Puppies grow up in the peace of our home, but they are also offered the opportunity to socialise with children and other dogs. We choose the future owners of our puppies very carefully. We want to follow the growth of the puppies and hope for an ongoing relationship with the future owners of our dogs.

Puppy Culture method supports breeding

Sessan’s ald does the breeding work using the Puppy Culture method, as it supports the growth and development of the puppies in an optimal way and provides the best lunch for the puppy’s life. In the Puppy Culture method, puppies are offered diverse experiences and instruction in a timely manner, taking into account different sensitivity periods. This is how learning takes place when the puppy is ready for it.

– The Puppy Culture website also offers support material for new puppy families and we recommend all dog owners to get acquainted with it. The workbook and instructional videos increase understanding of dogs and their way of thinking and perceiving the world. It gives a lot of practical advice to support the educational work.

The puppy’s later stigmatisation phase is scheduled for weeks 7-12, when the puppy has already moved into its own family. It is also important to make the most of that time. We are happy to help dog families coming from our instructions succeeding in their training work.

The Puppy Culture method supports the breeder e.g. in the following areas:

  • Early neurological stimulation
  • Dealing with detoxification and suggestions for it
  • Developmental and fear periods
  • Providing early stimulus
  • Puzzles, games and problem solving
  • Safe, early socialisation
  • Organising a Puppy Party for the litter
  • Increasing mental endurance through exercise
  • Exercises to prevent aggression
  • “Bomb resistance” exercises
  • Choosing homes
  • Coaching puppy buyers

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